Business Development  Services – Our Approach

Business Development Services

Through our work as business development partners, we interact with private and public companies, equity funds, start ups and business leaders all seeking answers to the same questions:
– How do we accelerate business development? What markets are growing and where?
– How do we manage and organise business development?
– How do we bridge the gap between strategy and implementation?

The rationale behind the often expensive investments in intellectual capital is to fuel the company’s readiness to act and hence become more effective in:

– Discovering new business opportunities, forming alliances and striking deals
– Improving portfolio and performance in the existing business activities
– Ensuring an efficient execution of strategy and strategic projects throughout the organisation

1. Defining customer segment. 

Without profitable customers, no company can survive. With our customer we jointly research and define the different groups of organizations or individual customers’ we aim to reach.

2. Value Proposition

We find or trim answer to question why. The value proposition is the reason why customers turn to your company over another. Value proposition needs to solve customer problem or satisfy a need. If value proposition is weak we help our customers to set up a mix of elements which can catering specific need in the segment.

3. Channels

How to communicate Value proposition? Which one work best? Distribution, communication and sales channels comprise company’s interface with customers. For our customers we raise awareness, with communication mix helping their customers to evaluate value proposition and enabling as well as delivering proposition to them.

4. Customer Relationships

For our customers we define what types of relationship does each of their customer segments expect to establish and maintain with them. We clarify the type of relationship customers need and wants to establish with each customer segment.

5. Revenue Stream

Customers are heart of each business model, but Revenue streams are arteries. We set up business model either for transaction revenue or recurring revenue. In this stage we also define pricing mechanism. They are several choices, but choosing the right one can make a big difference in terms of revenue generated.

6. Key resources

What key resources do customer value proposition require? Resources are most important assets required to make a business model work. Usually our team represents extended business development team for our customers so customers can build team in slowly and with confidence that they are making right and longlasting decisions.

7. Key activities

Action! Each idea, business goals, sales lead needs an action. Key activities are our strongest weapon. Defining Key activities are the most important actions a company must take to operate successfully. They are required to create and offer a value proposition, reach markets, maintain customer relationship and earn revenues.

8. Key partnerships

Who are partners or suppliers that make the business model work? Choosing right partners in our eyes means that you optimized business processes, build economy of scale and reduced the risk as well as uncertainty.

9. Cost structure

Is your business cost drive or value driven? Cost driven business is focusing on minimizing cost any time. If your business is this type GreCom will help you create and maintain the leanest possible cost structure, using low price Value Proposition, maximum automation and help with outsourcing. Value drive business requires high degree of personalized services, focus goes on creating the value for customers and partners.


Our approach is based on BMG by: Alexander Osterwald and Yves Pignuer.